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About Us

Our purpose is simple: to help teachers assist students in achieving their goals in a personalized learning environment. We strive to meet this purpose through content development, consulting services, and professional development. The support and expertise that Spider Learning provides is invaluable to meeting the unique needs of your students and teachers.

We are Educators

Your passion is our passion. Not only is it our goal to improve the educational experience for all students in a constantly expanding world of technology, but also to provide educators with the tools required to make it all work in their individual classroom environments.

We are Innovators

Our vision is a truly personalized approach to learning that harnesses each student’s curiosity and the ever-present desire to learn and grow in both collaborative and independent environments.

We are Creators

Comprised of a dedicated team of educators with deep-rooted knowledge of curriculum design and effective methodology, paired with an inventive team of technical operators, analysts, and editors, our approach is anything but traditional.

What People Say About Us


Anthony Kim

Founder and CEO, Education Elements

"Spider Learning believes in trusted relationships and building strong partnerships. They highly value the input of those with whom they work, and are flexible in developing solutions that work in an industry known for being ever-­changing. The employees of Spider Learning deeply care about making a lasting impact on those that they work with, and on those that will work with their content."


Lucian Spataro, Jr., Ph.D.

Chief Academic Officer and VP of Legislative Affairs, Joe Foss Institute

"Over the course of this development project, I have found that the employees of Spider Learning, Inc. are knowledgeable in the current trends in education, creative in their approach to developing instructional content that allows students to understand the intricacies of our government and our history, and professional, friendly, and caring in their interactions with our staff in order to develop a high-quality product that we are all proud of."


Ashleigh O’Neill

Curriculum Coordinator, Odyssey Online Learning

“The staff of Spider Learning is deeply committed to providing excellent professional development aimed at meeting client groups where they are and moving them toward their goals. Spider Learning maintains open lines of communication with their clients to ensure that success is reached.”


Samuel Mormando

Director of Technology, Garnet Valley School District

“As a school district, we must constantly balance cost-effective and cost-saving strategies with best educational practices. Spider Learning has provided our district with personalized professional learning related to Open Educational Resources and Instructional Design. Our partnership with Spider Learning has allowed us to reallocate funds and re-invest in our teachers in both of these important areas.”


Dr. Jeff Matty

Wilmington Area School District

“Communicating about the digital learning needs of students is the highest priority of Spider Learning. The leadership and professional staff guide teachers, administrators, and community members toward understanding the importance of their role in student learning success.”


Demica Sanders

Superintendent, Midfield City Schools

"The Erin's Law content provided by Spider Learning has been great for our students. By utilizing the digital content, it has allowed us to meet the requirements of the new law in our state and provide teachers an easy platform to use in the process. I would definitely recommend Spider Learning to anyone who needs a personalized platform with excellent customer service!"

Products & Services

Curated Resources

Curriculum Development

Are you ready to bring engaging digital content to your students?

Curated Resources

Resource Curation

How can curated resources enrich instruction?

Curated Resources

Developing Professionals

What do you need to deliver 21st century education?

Curated Resources

Consulting Services

Need support? We've got your back.

Curriculum Development

The Spider Learning team’s experience in curriculum development is extensive and our company is fully committed to providing the absolute best customer service and digital content to your school. Our company is founded on the curriculum development principles of student engagement, formative data collection, cutting-edge learning tools and a belief that all students can achieve academic success when teachers are provided with a strong set of resources.

Resource Curation

Educational resources can be found all over the web, but finding those that are open and free to use can be challenging. Finding resources that are high quality, relevant, and directly related to learning objectives can be difficult, and sometimes even impossible. Spider Learning, Inc., empowers partners to achieve success with Open Educational Resources through a three-step curation plan, designed to sync perfectly to your OER and #GoOpen initiatives.

Developing Professionals

Spider Learning, Inc. takes a similar approach to developing professional development sessions as we do when we develop instructional content for students. We ensure that the content is presented in a clear, concise manner that allows for participant reflection, guided practice, collaboration, and independent assessment for understanding. It is our deep-seated belief that we should be striving to create meaningful experiences that help to develop our professionals, rather than simply provide standard professional development sessions to our teachers.

Consulting Services

Understanding the needs of each client is the primary factor in building a successful online program. From developing your eLearning model to digitizing your current materials to creating proprietary content, we are uniquely positioned to meet you where you are...and take you to the next level. The question is, “Where do you want to go, and how will you take your students there?”

Thank you for your interest! The content you're requesting access to requires some additional information about yourself! To unlock this content, please provide us with some basic contact information and a brief description of your institution's needs and interests.

Note: Spider Learning, Inc., is not in the business of storing or selling the personal information that you provide, nor will we fill your inbox with spam! We may contact you, however, to learn more about your individual needs, or just to say hi!

Our Core Team


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Stephen Gagliardi

Director of IT and Media

An alumnus of the University of Wisconsin, I graduated with a BFA in studio arts and minors in digital design, web publishing, and project management. I've fulfilled a variety of design, web development, and IT support roles, and my experience and activism in the nonprofit sector have led me to discover my passion for philanthropy and helping to foster positive social change, a drive that continues to fuel and inspire my work at Spider Learning, Inc.


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Becky Henderson

Director of Sales and Partnerships

I received my BA in music from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and taught as a secondary choral instructor for 10 years. During that time I also received my M. Ed. in Educational Leadership and my K-12 Principal Certificate. I openly attribute my creativity, flexibility, and understanding of the intricacies of curriculum development and design to my experiences as an educator and my training as an educational leader.


Ask me about the time I went to the Galileo Museum.

Rebecca Hritz

Subject Matter Expert - Science

I am a graduate of Youngstown State University where I earned a BS in Science Education as well as a MS in Curriculum and Instruction. Throughout the 10 years I spent as a physics teacher, I learned many different techniques and technologies that help students to learn effectively. I am excited to continue to explore these avenues at Spider Learning, Inc and help provide other educators with quality resources.


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Matt Jacob

Technical Copy Editor

I graduated from Lehigh University with a BS in economics and a minor in journalism. My technical skills and experience as a copyeditor and proofreader for my own business, coupled with my great respect for and interest in education, have prepared me for my role at Spider Learning, Inc. as Technical Copy Editor. I strive to continue learning about digital curriculum and online education, and to contribute my passion for learning every day.


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Rob Lee

Director of Design and Implementation

First and foremost, I believe that ALL students can and will learn if given the opportunity to demonstrate understanding in a way that is meaningful to them. I believe it is our job as educators to provide students with the opportunity to take ownership of the learning process and allow their learning to come to life. My experience in education ranges from classroom teacher, technology director, online learning principal and central office administrator.


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Duncan McCay

Technical Copy Editor

I received my BA in English from Duquesne University and my MFA in creative writing from Emerson College. My professional experience as an editorial and marketing assistant for an educational publishing company and my background in creative writing and copywriting make me an ideal fit for the role of Technical Copy Editor at Spider Learning, Inc.


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Christian Meneskie

Subject Matter Expert - Math

I earned my BS in civil engineering from the University of Pittsburgh and my MAT from California University of Pennsylvania. My classroom and distance teaching experiences in rural Alaska have provided me with unique opportunities for teaching mathematics, science, technology, and soft skills, as well as creating and managing online content. I am committed to creating high-quality, accurate content for students and teachers.


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Ray Rozycki

President & CEO

Raymond Rozycki is President and CEO of Spider Learning. He believes that his purpose is to further drive academic achievement through designing and personalizing educational opportunities to meet the needs of diverse audiences. His vision for Spider Learning is for the company to create, support, and deliver a comprehensive, continuously improving, digital curricula that is both customizable and affordable for all districts.


Ask me about the time I...

Keri Smith

Subject Matter Expert - Math

I graduated from Stony Brook University with a BA in Humanities before attending Dowling College where I received a M.Ed in Secondary Special Education with a concentration in mathematics. I have worked professionally in a variety of educational settings, including a public school, an alternative high school, and a private school for at risk youth. I am passionate about creating high-quality curriculum designed to engage and inspire students to reach their full potential.


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Bill Taylor


I am a graduate of both Penn State University and Point Park University. Following a 10-year career in the classroom, I moved to online education nearly a decade ago. I have extensive experience in curriculum development, charter school management, content delivery platforms, and data-driven instruction. My passion for helping students and teachers succeed guides my efforts in leading our team and collaborating with our clients and partners.


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Laurel Tokarczyk

Quality Assurance Analyst

A graduate of California University of Pennsylvania with degrees in creative writing and sociology, I have experience creating digital content, managing content development projects, running family support programs for cyber schools, and coordinating volunteer efforts in the local community. My passion for both the academic elements of learning and social elements that affect how students learn inspires me to produce high-quality, engaging content.

Where We'll Be

November 6 - 7th, 2017

TRETC 2017

Montour School District, McKees Rocks, PA

December 4 - 6th, 2017

SAS Institute 2017

Hershey, PA

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Fast Facts

Project Tomorrow’s survey of more than 364,000 students found that a majority of students support the “flipped classroom” model. Six out of 10 students say it would be a good way for them to learn.

A survey conducted by ISTE in 2014 found that 77% of teachers say technology use in the classroom motivates students to learn.

A 2016 survey of 2,800 students, teachers, and parents noted that 88% of parents and 84% of teachers are interested in having more at-home digital content available to supplement what’s being taught in school.

Community Outreach

The LeMoyne Center of Washington County

All children need an outlet, whether to express creativity, receive help with homework and assignments, acquire extracurricular knowledge, or simply participate in activities that allow them to have fun with their peers. Unfortunately, not every child has the opportunity to find themselves at a safe haven that offers not just one of those outlets, but all of them. Cue the LeMoyne Center.

With an extensive history that dates back to the 1800s, the LeMoyne Center has evolved into an influential landmark, and even so much as a home away from home for many children, in Washington County, PA. It serves hundreds of children, ranging from kindergarteners to high school students, within its various after-school and summer programs. “Camp Challenge” is a summer program that challenges students to set high goals for themselves and aims to educate youth in the local community through physical education. The “Homework and More” program – with a strong focus on the “and more” – not only assists students with completing their daily homework assignments, but also provides monitored and directed activities, elective classes including piano, African drumming, art, photography, and American Girl, and a daily hot meal. The LeMoyne Center also offers intergenerational opportunities, such as cooking classes, open gym time, wrestling, basketball, horticulture, robotics, Tai Chi, filmography, and even an annual Harvest party!

The LeMoyne Center strives to constantly improve its grounds and create every possible opportunity that caters to every student. Joyce Ellis, executive director, is nothing short of passionate about what the Center is able to accomplish each day, and over time. Longevity is essential, and in the long term, the LeMoyne Center has not only decreased crime rates in the local community, but is also working with local Washington County school districts to achieve positive outcomes in regard to test scores. 

There are many ways to get involved! For example, contributions can be made for naming rights on the LeMoyne Center’s Legacy Wall. You can also give gifts, monthly pledges, a simple one-time donation, or your time by volunteering. Everything makes a direct impact on the students who rely on the Center, every day. To learn more about how you can get involved, click here.

Washington Christian Outreach

What do you do when you feel your stomach rumbling? You probably walk to the fridge or go to a restaurant, right? Unfortunately, many people struggle to afford food for themselves and their families. Organizations such as Washington Christian Outreach provide hot meals to people in need. This kind and welcoming safe haven offers more than just the basis for survival to men, women, children, and the elderly -- it also empowers them with the tools and potential to succeed.

Early Monday morning, Washington County residents congregated by the entrance of Washington Christian Outreach. As our Spider Learning, Inc., crew made its way to the door, we noticed the exchange of familiar conversation among staff members and the individuals in line. It was clear that this was not a first visit for many of them; rather, it was a constant that they depended on.

Founder and Director Jeanne Allender and Secretary Debbie Boardley welcomed our group with open arms and open hearts as they, along with a dedicated staff made up solely of volunteers, finished preparing the day’s hot meal before opening their doors promptly at 9 a.m. We quickly learned that the organization provides so much more than just good food! The majority of the building is actually a warehouse that holds bags of donated clothing, shoes, household goods, small appliances, books, purses, and children’s toys, among other things, that visitors can shop through, free of charge, after their meal. Our crew of nine volunteers worked for several hours to sort the items, but there’s still so much work to be done!

Washington Christian Outreach is completely dependent on the love and support that it receives from the community, and returns care and compassion tenfold to those in need. Whether by donating a bag of items that you’re no longer using, or giving a donation of time to sort items or a monetary contribution, every little bit has a direct impact on the community. Click here to learn more about Washington Christian Outreach, or here to get involved in their “Blessings in a Backpack” initiative.

Causes Close to Our Hearts

Available Opportunities

We are always looking for talented educators to join our team. If you are interested, please complete the form in the Get In Touch section below and we will reach out as soon as possible to learn more about you.

If any of the roles below interest you, please contact Human Resources by completing our contact form and/or email your resume to

Project Manager

We are seeking a strong candidate to provide Project Management at Spider Learning, Inc. The ideal candidate will have experience in managing projects, strong organizational and communication skills, and a high level of comfort with technology.

Independent Contractors - Math and Science Writers

We are currently seeking certified teachers who are interested in becoming Independent Contractors. The project is developing digital content for Middle School Math and Science. We will need Contractors for writing video scripts, authoring direct instruction, assessment writing, and support materials.


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Collaborative Partners

The innovative educational organizations that utilize the products and services offered by Spider Learning.

Development Partners

The industry leaders that we work with to provide high-quality, engaging content to students and teachers.

Districts Served

Representatives from the following districts have attended one of our presentations.