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Scenarios and Strategies

You need a strategy to meet your student’s needs.
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Read through the scenarios below to find a need that is similar to yours. 

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I need an affordable, high quality asynchronous solution for my virtual/cyber school students.

As a teacher working at a Virtual Academy with several thousand students and multiple curriculum providers, it is important for me to have confidence in the quality of the content my students are using. The Spider Learning curriculum has many strengths that provide that confidence. 




Scenario 1: Virtual School Implementation


Our school is different from traditional schools in many ways, but we care about our students and expect them to develop and grow as learners as much as anywhere else. We use the Spider Learning curriculum and tools to help us achieve those goals.



I am looking for digital content I can use in my alternative ed school. We need flexibility and the ability for teachers to easily monitor student progress and performance.


Scenario 2: Alternative School Implementation


I need the ability to inform my instruction through the use of homework that is targeted towards the students’ needs.

Identifying the individual challenges of students has always been one of the most important things for me as a teacher.  If I know where a student can use extra support it allows me to help them grow in their understanding of concepts that we have worked.  The use of ORBits has streamlined the whole process for me and made everything much smoother.




Scenario 3: ORBits Used In and Out of the Blended Learning Classroom


The use of ORBits to provide students with instructional materials has allowed me to have more time focusing on teaching and improving student learning and less time developing materials for different students that are at different points in their understanding of different concepts.



I am looking for a way to provide students with meaningful instruction during class based on their performance to provide appropriate instruction.


Scenario 4: ORBits in a Blended Learning Classroom


Our school has amazing technology in its classrooms, but I can’t depend on the students having access to the same technology and resources at home.

My district implemented a 1-1 program last year, but unfortunately all of our students do not have some form of Internet access at home. My classes also tend to shy away from too much homework so we try to keep most learning activities in the classroom. Access to differentiated digital content in class was the answer!




Scenario 5: ORBits Used in the In-class Flipped Classroom


One of the bigger challenges for me as a teacher has been making effective use of the reports that I get from a supplemental content system. Using the ORBits as my primary curriculum really empowers me to know exactly where each student is in their learning both at the beginning of a topic of study and again at then end!



I have used an intervention program in my classroom for a few years now, but I am missing the leveled resources I need to address all of my students’ needs. And understanding the program’s performance reports is a real challenge!


Scenario 6: ORBits in Conjunction with Supplemental Programs


I want my students to draw knowledge from all subject areas and understand how they all work together in the real world. What strategies should I use?

In my school I spend a portion of my week meeting with my colleagues to discuss strategies and plans for our students. We have found success for students by creating projects for them that connect the concepts they had learned to examples in the real world and other related events. The Spider Learning Interdisciplinary Projects have alleviated the stress and time commitment required by our team to create and manage the projects.




Scenario 7: Project-based Learning


As the administrator responsible for ensuring that our district is compliant with state Child Safety law, I am always on the lookout for programs that can reach our students and educate them on sensitive topics that fall outside of the traditional, subject-area curriculum. I have found a solution that works in the S.P.I.D.E.R.S. program from Spider Learning.



How do we prepare our children to communicate to us about sensitive topics, so things like sexual assault do not go unnoticed or unreported? Is there a program out there to help students become more informed?


Scenario 8: Child Safety and Awareness

If I decide to use the Spider Learning Curriculum, what kinds of resources will I be able to access? How can I supplement what I’m already doing with my students?

I have found that the Spider Learning Digital Curriculum can be used in a variety of ways. One of the things that I’ve done is to use the content to supplement the traditional textbook materials we have, with a curriculum that is constantly being updated thanks to their Continuous Curriculum Improvement Cycle.




Scenario 9: Content Designed for Flexibility and Innovation

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