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Needs Assessment

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Scroll down to find a situation or need that is similar to yours. 

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Online Resource Bundle comic strip
Teacher support speech bubble

What can we do to

support the teachers

 that are trying to do

 innovative things in their classrooms?

Curriculum speech bubble
blended learning speech bubble

I wonder if         

anybody has created digital      

content that helps differentiate

     instruction and empowers me to

   better personalize learning

      for my students?

blended learning speech bubble

I need high quality, rigorous digital content if I am going to be able to do this  Blended Learning...

classroom management speech bubble

Yes!...and it has to be flexible enough to allow me to manage my classroom the way that works for me.

We need to find curriculum

and tools that will empower the teachers to make the best use of the district's technology investment.

The people in this section are best served by ORB our Online Learning Bundles.

 - They provide a teacher with all of the digital resources from our

    WebCourses but treats every item as a separate resources so

    teachers can distribute the items to groups or individual students on 

    a personalized level.

 - Mapped to standards and eligible content to help teachers find 

    content quickly. 

 - Near real time data allows teachers to make formative decisions to

    best drive each student's personal path to success.

asynchronous solution speech bubble

I need an affordable, high quality asynchronous solution for my virtual/cyber school 


asynchronous solution image
strutued course speech bubble

I need to

provide structured courses to my students whose schedules are too full.

teacher icon
principal speech bubble

I am a Principal that wants to create a program that enables me win kids back from virtual/cyber schools.

pricipal icon
home school parent graphic
home school speech bubble

I am a home school

parent that needs a well structured scope & sequence and quality content for my Middle School student.

WebCourses logo

The people in this section are best served by the WebCourse version of ORB.

 - This version of Orb provides a teacher/parent with the most

     structured learning experience for their student(s).

 - This version introduces a consistent course, unit and assessment 

     structure to Orb, which ensures a predictable pace and student

     experience to allow for stress-free planning. 

 - Scaffolded instruction within each unit and lesson strategically builds

    and assesses each students level of learning.

I am a classroom teacher that thinks a student in my class has been abused, how do I let them know it is ok to reach out to me for help?

How do we prepare our children to communicate to us about sensitive topics, so things like sexual assault do not go unnoticed or unreported?

mom icon
dad icon

How do I know my child is aware of how to approach me to talk about sensitive topics?

parent icon

As a Principal, I can protect my students while in school, but how do I prepare them to make good decisions when they are put in a tough spot? 

principal icon

The people in this section are best served by our S.P.I.D.E.R.S. curriculum.

 - Child well being and safety curriculum for Grades k-12.

 - A proven curriculum to help teachers approach sensitive topics.

 - Empower your students to identify, react and seek help appropriately

    if they are ever placed in an awkward situation. 

S.P.I.D.E.R.S. Logo
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