Interdisciplinary Project

The Interdisciplinary Project is a collection of interactive, theme-based activities that help students reach a deeper understanding of how topics learned in one discipline can be applied to other disciplines.  Each project is weaved throughout the students’ current coursework, and it allows them to further hone their skill sets through real-world applications.


Each project covers one unit of study, and units are broken up into four interdisciplinary activities, in the areas of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Each unit covers an overarching theme, and each discipline (ELA, Math, Science, SS) provides the student an opportunity to combine their knowledge in different areas to complete a task. Each of these tasks are tied together, and students are provided with the tools to create their own interpretation of the task at hand. The tools include Google Apps for Education, graph generators, a sketchpad, Venn diagramming, and many others.

The interdisciplinary projects allow for student agency that builds on the foundations learned in the core curriculum. 

To complete each of their tasks, students will utilize our Project Toolbar, as seen below.* 

Please click each icon to explore the tools students will be using when completing their projects.

Completing a project will allow students to reach a deeper understanding of the core goals from the different disciplines. Through the use of these real-world examples, students will develop critical thinking skills and will learn to apply concepts from their curriculum to real-life situations. Research has found that this creates a broad conceptual framework for students to integrate concepts (Bransford (2000)).


Additionally, teachers can leverage the content from these projects to drive conversation and teamwork in the classroom. By collaborating with other peers to complete these projects, or by working alone, the students will build confidence, strengthen their understanding of the material, gain exposure to essential social developmental skills, and experience a 21st century approach to the coursework.


All student work is saved and can be compiled into a running portfolio using Google Apps for education. Using this method, students are able to store, share, and collaborate on different projects.

So, what's in a theme?

“Do I Really Need to Brush My Teeth?”

The overarching theme within Unit 1 covers drinking water and fluoride, but how do you apply that to the areas of English, Math, Science, and Social Studies?


We’ll use a printing press to create a flyer, we’ll represent real world data in a variety of ways, and we’ll create a slideshow about the Environmental Protection Agency. Click below to work through the sample project.

The interface requires a username and password.

Please use the following credentials to log in:

Username: id.student

Password: spiderid123


The complete list of themes for each grade level can be found below.

Each unit contains four distinct activities, one for each discipline of English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. The activities tie directly to the content of the curriculum to reinforce and strengthen the students' understanding of the material.

6th Grade

7th Grade

8th Grade

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