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Interdisciplinary Project: Lesson List

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Semester A


Unit 6A.1
Drinking Water and Fluoride


Unit 6A.2

Planets and Moons:
The Exploration of Space


Unit 6A.3

Maps, Distance, and Geography


Unit 6A.4

German Silver


Unit 6A.5

Converting and Using
Measurement Systems


Unit 6A.6

Solar Energy

Semester B


Unit 6B.1

Farmable Resources

Unit 6B.2

Bacteria and its Role


Unit 6B.3

Honey Production


Unit 6B.4

Mobile Phones and Their History


Unit 6B.5



Unit 6B.6

Nuclear Power Around The World

Semester A


Unit 7A.1

The Changing Landscape of America


Unit 7A.2

Exploring The Solar System

Unit 7A.3

Lake Erie and its History


Unit 7A.4

Refining Petroleum


Unit 7A.5

Physics in the Modern World


Unit 7A.6

Simple Machines

Semester B


Unit 7B.1

Cell Structure and Function

Unit 7B.2

Get to Know Your State

Unit 7B.3

American Revolution

Unit 7B.4

Steel Production

Unit 7B.5


Unit 7B.6

Petroleum and Gasoline Production


Semester A


Unit 8A.1

Colonization and Native Americans

Unit 8A.2

Native Americans

Unit 8A.3


Unit 8A.4

The Revolutionary War

Unit 8A.5


Unit 8A.6

Colonizing Titan

Semester B


Unit 8B.1

Lewis and Clark and the Louisiana Purchase

Unit 8B.2

Westward Expansion

Unit 8B.3

Farming in the South

Unit 8B.4

Technology and the Military

Unit 8B.5

Technology and Transportation

Unit 8B.6

Agriculture and Economy




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