• This class set includes a 1-Year License for one teacher to access to S.P.I.D.E.R.S. Elementary Kits, suitable for Grades K-5.

  • Each Elementary Resource Kit walks teachers through the delivery of a specific lesson.

    • Each lesson provides step-by-step instructions and a detailed, orderly method for introducing each topic.

    • Each step includes easy-to-follow visuals, handouts, activities, links, and resources.

  • Visit www.spiderlearning.net/spiders for a complete overview and to view sample lessons.

School: Elementary Teacher License

  • Each Elementary Instructional Resource Kit walks a teacher through the implementation of a specific lesson. Unlike the content that we have developed for implementation at the middle school and high school levels, this content will be used by you, the teacher, to guide your student through essential content. Instructional Resource Kits like this one will provide you with step-by-step instructions and a detailed, orderly method for introducing each topic to your students. Each step includes easy-to-follow visuals, links, and resources.


    These lessons will feature demonstrations, hypothetical situations, and various scenarios. At the beginning and end of each lesson, remind students that they are able to privately discuss any concerns, questions, or issues with you (or another trusted adult) and should not discuss specific circumstances or individuals during the class-wide discussions.

  • Upon placing your order, you will be directed to download the registration instructions. This document will provide you with information to register for your product.


    If you are purchasing multiple licences, this link should be sent to all teachers for which this product has been purchased.


    If you are purchasing multiple licences and would prefer a group registration process, please contact us at helpdesk@spiderlearning.com.


    Each elementary package purchase includes a 1-year license for one teacher.


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