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What do we do?

Quality Educational Resources, LLC provides consultation and assistance to K-12 schools for the acquisition and implementation of educational technology tools. The overall goal of QER is to help students attain higher levels of academic achievement, while making teacher instruction and student assessment easier and more effective. QER provides professional development to administrators and teachers on the utilization of technology tools to make personalized learning decisions.








About Us

Our Partnership

Spider Learning, Inc. is company of educators that develop flexible, functional, and formative digital content and tools designed to support teachers as they innovate their instruction in a variety of learning environments. We are proud to partner with Spider to support their curriculum solutions.

Whether your Vision involves Personalized Learning, Blended Instruction, establishing a high performing Virtual Program or a focus on Student Safety, Spider Learning has a curriculum solution that can bring your Vision to reality!


The consistent lesson structure, unique assessment strategy and data collection methodology, coupled with researched based instructional design and Continuous Curriculum Improvement Cycle (CCIC) ensure curricular resources that meet the needs of the modern student and teacher.  


The Classroom Command Center is a powerful tool for teachers managing a blended learning classroom, as it provides the teacher with easy to interpret visual representations of real-time formative data within an intuitive classroom management and distribution tool.

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The WebCourses are a comprehensive suite of
Middle School Courses, both core and electives
that are created by organizing our Online Resource
Bundles according to a fixed scope and sequence, with consistent course and unit structure.

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Our Team

About Jennifer

Jennifer Hood is the founder of Quality Educational Resources, LLC. She is a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist and has worked with students ages 2 through 18 for 40 years.. She has experience as a Speech and Language Supervisor; a consultant working with district administrators and educators to develop and implement school improvement plans; a consultant working in the areas of assistive technology and technology to support improved student achievement.

Jennifer has a B.A. in Speech and Language Pathology; a M.A. in Speech and Language Pathology; an Administrative Specialist License.

She has presented to audiences at the local, state and national levels on a wide range of topics including differentiated instruction using technology tools; augmentative communication for students with significant language difficulties; Alternate Assessment for students with significant cognitive disabilities; and instructional strategies for students with neurodevelopmental disorders.

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- Jennifer

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